Handmade & Homegrown

Handmade & Homegrown

Ten years ago I started a little ecommerce business selling collectible toys (“urban vinyl collectibles”, as they were called in “the industry”). I’d started collecting them in college and decided it’d be fun to try and sell them…so, I did. My wife and I have fond memories toys stacked to the ceiling in the bedroom of our tiny apartment, the smell of vinyl soothing us to sleep (or maybe it was just all our brain cells dying?).

We sold the business a few years later and since then I’ve been itching to get back to ecommerce in some form.

There’s just something really personal and exciting about someone showing up, saying “I want that!” to a tangible item and then giving you money for it. Something that doesn’t exist in the same way with software (I run a business analytics software company). It’s hard to really describe other than to say “it just feels different.”

Separate from business, I make a point to do things that aren’t digital…things that require me to use my hands and build actual, real, tangible objects. That manifests itself in everything from gardening to woodworking to electronics to designing home decor.

I’ve always kept starting some form of ecommerce business floating around in the back of my head, and after dabbling with various mediums for creating some cool home/office decor, decide now would be a great time to start something up!

So, I’m taking my love for selling things with my love for making things and seeing what happens.

It’s called Cedar & Sail and it’s handmade goods.

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  • Rich

    The site looks great Josh!

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